Daily Thumbprint Collection, Vol. 2 :: Stencils

Daily Thumbprint Collection, Vol. 2 :: Stencils was release in part because I recently rediscovered several “in progress” compositions that had been started back when I made my first solo record in 2008. At that time, the tracks had been abandoned because I didn’t feel the composition’s or production were working effectively.

Daily Thumbprint Collection has always been a project mused in long-duration composition; meaning that the compositions are started and mulled over for years. Many of the tracks on the debut Daily Thumbprint Collection album took anywhere from 2-5 years to complete.

After opening these forgotten session files in 2015, I quickly discovered new inspirations to begin working on them again. This was partly influenced by modern audio software, but also because my sense of composition mixing skills had grown with time. It actually didn’t take long to rework the compositions and update the production. What started as a collection of weaker compositions eventually became a very interesting EP release. The album contains four songs that were started between 2004-2007, and one that was started in 2009.