A New Symphony

  1. Introduzione
  2. Animato
  3. Intermezzo Misterioso
  4. Adagio
  5. Finale
A New Symphony. Dr Mint boldly presents an alternative view of symphonic form. Recorded in a single 53+ minute live performance, DR. MiNT weaves a multi-movement, epic improvisation that truly ebbs and flows like a symphony. AllAboutJazz.com characterizes DR. MiNT’s sound as “Caterwauling horns, scorching metallic guitar and a thrashing prog-metal rhythm section alternate bone-crushing intensity with introspective passages and dark cinematic ambiance.” For more info, visit drmintmusic.com
This work is 100% improvisation. Recorded in a single live take in a concert given at Roy O. Disney Music Hall at California Institute of the Arts on February 12, 2008. There is no editing on this album.


Released October 1, 2008

Sound Engineered by John Baffa
Mixed and Mastered by John Baffa and Daniel Rosenboom, TV Tray Studio, Simi Valley, CA
Album Artwork by Daniel Rosenboom and Gavin Templeton

All music © Daniel Rosenboom Music (ASCAP) 2008
All rights reserved.