The Jimdangles

Reno, NV, USA

The Jimdangles came to be in Reno, Nevada, fostered through four individual ambitions for exploring original composition and spontaneous, more freely conceived musical directions. They are hardly your typical jazz quartet. Rather, call them alternative jazz or contemporary improvisational music; music with a delicate balance between innovative composition and fluid improvisation, an approach that has received much acclaim throughout the western United States.

Their music is unique as they don’t consider themselves iconoclasts, but they do feel that the work has a voice of its own. In addition to receiving distinction from institutions such as Downbeat Magazine and the American Society of Composers, the band members have performed their music throughout the United States (notably at Carnegie Hall) as well as in Europe, Japan, and the Caribbean.

“The Jimdangles really sound like a band. Their recording is beautiful; great sound, super playing, and cool songs. You’ll be happy you checked them out.”
-Ron Miles

“…These musicians rank among the most creative, most highly skilled and most distinctive in the region. Check them out!”
– Dr. David Ake, acclaimed jazz pianist and scholar, author of Jazz Cultures