Daily Thumbprint Collection

New York, NY

Daily Thumbprint Collection is recording project by Caleb Dolister. Centered around heavy rhythmic themes, the compositions subtly explore melodies and harmonies as more combinations of sonic texture than focal points. The result is synthetically-human, a bit moody, and really cool.

“The project name, Daily Thumbprint Collection, was decided on after several years of developing the concept behind the writing style, which eventually formed around long term revised composition. I found that each song developed differently over several years. The core concept stayed the same, but melodies or harmony would change depending on the influences from my daily moods or experiences.  If the songs had lyrics, I would be re-writing them over and over again to revise my story.”

“Specifically, I found it interesting to think about how instrumental songs inherit a descriptive song-title. Without lyrics, the identity of a song relates to other factors. For me, it was the date it was started, since that was the “core” of the song that would stay the same after years of revisions. The “timestamp” of their start dates has become the identifying feature, like a thumbprint.” -Dolister

This music is designed to be listened to “as is” on the album. The focus is totally on designing textures of sound, whereas, in a live environment, the music would be based on performance.