Founded in 2004 by Caleb Dolister, SNP Records was created to help creative music projects get off the ground. It’s been an honor to back all the bands that have worked with SNP so far, and I look forward to helping new bands in the future. Please check out the projects we’ve backed, and their releases.



Tunepatch gives bands, labels, and promoters the ability to use physical items as digital content hotspots by providing instant access to streaming and downloading. It’s simple to setup, it’s simple for fans to use, and for the first 100 beta testers – it’s free.

Orenda Records
Orenda Records features many projects that originated with SNP. Based in the Los Angeles creative music scene, and highly active, Orenda presents artists who summon their Orenda, push beyond themselves, and take their music to its highest incarnation. We immortalize their deepest expressions in high fidelity with original artwork inspired by the music in collector’s edition presentations. And we offer you the chance to expand the way you experience music, art, culture, and life!